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Moving a piano moving from point A to B or within the same property? We've got you covered!

Luna's Piano Movers - Getting ready to unload a 9ft Concert grand and a spinet upright

    Moving a piano requires a team of experienced piano movers. Luna's Piano Moving uses only the best piano moving equipment in the industry. Rest assured that your piano will be moved in the most professional manner possible. It does not matter if you are moving an upright, player piano, baby grand or concert grand. We have the skill and man power to move any piano. We strongly advise against moving a piano on your own. A piano typically weighs 400-1000lbs. If you do not have the proper tools or experience, do not risk scratching that piano or even worse, hurting yourself. As you can see, we have all the ramps that are needed when moving a piano.

  Moving a piano is a multi-step process. As you can see from the images below, a lot of work goes into moving a piano. From properly wrapping and padding the piano to using the right moving equipment such as; Piano dollies, piano boards, floor protection, ramps, lift-gates, moving trucks and most importantly, the right experience behind your move. Our professional piano movers are ready to move your piano. Whether it's a small spinet piano or a 9.5ft concert grand, our team can properly handle your piano moving needs.

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A few images of Luna's Piano Movers on the job!
Luna's Piano Movers Loading an upright piano onto a moving truck via ramp
Steinway Grand Piano Moving - Grand Piano Moving
Luna's Piano Movers - Bringing a grand piano up a flight of stairs
Luna's Piano Moving - - Loading a baby grand piano. Pushing a grand piano up a ramp. How to load a baby grand piano. Loading ramp for pianos
Luna's Piano Movers - Floor protection. Floo Runner for movers. Protecting wooden step during a move. Stairs protection.
Luna's Piano Moving - Moving a piano up a flight of stairs. Moving a piano donw a flight of stairs. Carrying a piano through stairs. How to move a piano through stairs
Baby Grand Being brought up stairs (1).j
Luna's Piano Moving - Moving a grand piano up a flight of stairs - Moving a grand piano upstairs - Moving a grand piano - Piano Movers

All terrain Piano Moving

m   Moving a piano through flat and smooth surfaces isn't always an option. Sometimes a house is built on a hill or there is a long dirt, grass or gravel path to travel though. We have the ability to transport your piano through tough and uneven terrain. Sometimes an all terrain dolly isn't enough though. In cases where the ground is severely uneven or in cases where the all terrain tires aren't big enough. We use the assistance of wooden planks. 

We have two different types of all terrain dollies. The traditional smooth wheel, narrow frame dolly and the bigger wide base. 

Narrow smooth wheel all terrain dolly: This dolly is used for level all terrain surfaces and allows us to go directly into your home. Smooth wheels means that rocks and sticks will not get stuck in the tread crease. This is important because pianos weight 300-1200lbs and will dent and/or scratch your floors.

Wide base all terrain dolly: This dolly (as shown below) is used when the ground is not level. It helps keep the piano from tipping over to the left or right. This dolly does not have smooth wheels and will therefore need to be transferred onto a regular piano dolly once we've grossed over onto concrete/smooth floors.


Does Luna's Piano Moving & Storage offer tuning?

 Although Luna's Piano Moving & Storage does not offer tuning services, you can find a reputable tuner in your area. We cover such a large area that most tuners won't cover  


"Does my piano need to be tuned after its been moved?

The technical answer is yes. Although we move pianos very carefully, any movement of a piano can change it's current tuning. However, you decide if the change is significant enough to need tuning, we might be able to recommend a reliable tuning technician that is in your are. After each move, pianos usually require tuning for a PERFECT sound. In most cases however, if your piano move was not long distance, it will most likely be fine. Here's a good tip for you guys, thanks to technological advances, you can now download tuning apps on your phone. Test out each key. As stated above, your piano will most likely not require tuning if it was moved a relatively short distance.

Problem: Stairs
Solution: Manpower, Ramps, Piano Boards, Sleds and Stair Climbing Handtrucks

 Being prepared and offering our customers top of the line equipment decrease the risk of having an accident.

   First, the most important thing to do is protect your floors. Depending on the method of stair navigation, we might use floor runners (pictured in red), moving blankets (the blank ones) or if they are outside concrete steps and we are using our stair climbing dolly, we will not use anything.

   We also inspect the staircase to make sure that they can support the weight of the piano that needs to be moved. Not all staircases can handle the weight of a piano. Please make sure that you take this into consideration if you plan on purchasing a piano and moving it up a questionable staircase. If you are not sure, just give us a call and send us a few pictures of the piano and the staircase.

Method 1: Carrying/Lifting by hand.

   This requires more man power and is the most labor intensive method. Why would we do it this way when there are easier methods? Every piano and every property is different. Sometimes there isn't enough room to use our ramps. Sometimes there is a low hanging roof halfway through the staircase and dose not allow use to use the ramp (a ramp raises the elevation clearance). And sometimes a stair climber does not allow us to have the right angle or clearance. For example, we would never be able to use a stair climber on a 9.5ft concert grand piano, they are simple too long for a stair climber and will always be too heavy for the person operating the dolly since the leverage will always be uneven.

Luna's Piano Moving. Protecting a set of outdoor stairs.
Carrying a grand piano up a flight of stairs.
Moving a grand piano upstairs. Luna's Piano Moving. San Diego Piano Movers
Piano Moving up a staircase. Los Angeles Piano Moving Company

Method 2: Ramps


   In most cases we use ramps. Since ramps come in many length and sizes, we come equipped with many ramps. Ramps provide an easy solution when dealing with stairs since they hop over the steps. However, sometimes we cannot use a ramp due to the amount of stairs (usually 10 steps is the max) and need to use other methods.

The best piano movers. Los Angeles piano moving company. Luna's Piano Movers in action!

Method 3: Piano Boards


   Another method is using the piano boards to slide a piano up/down a flight of stairs. We cover all steps using floor runners and/or thick moving blankets (you can't find this quality at home depot) every time we use the piano board sliding method. We also use hot tub sleds whenever possible. Both piano board and sleds have their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the piano movers to decide on the spot which method they will use. We are there to move your piano in the safest possible manner.

Moving a grand piano down a curved staircase. Hire the best piano movers to move your piano. Luna's Piano Moving & Storage will get the job done right! Orange County Piano Moving.

Method 4: Appliance Dolly

   Why would you use an appliance dolly on a piano? A great question to ask since this isn’t an appliance, how is it useful considering we have a ton of other piano moving equipment? First, an appliance dolly has a low weight capacity rating, usually under 500lbs so we tend to use them only on spinet and miniature sized pianos. Second, appliance dollies are very light, especially if they are made from aluminum. The appliance dolly and small upright combination allows our team to keep things light while providing maximum maneuverability since these appliance dollies are small.

Moving and upright piano down a flight of stairs with an applaince dolly. Luna's Piano Moving & Storage
Los Angeles Piano Moving Company. Moving a piano down a flight of stairs

Method 5: Stair climbing dolly

   The stair climbing dolly can handle up to 1200lbs pianos. That's the weight of a concert grand, but we can never use it on a concert grand. As stated above, the concert grand piano is simply too long to balance. We mainly use it for grand pianos under 6'5" and all uprights. If the stairs are spiral or there is a tight turn, we will not be able to use the stair climbing dolly. Although the 4th image is not a piano, it shows our foreman using the Escalera Stairclimber and, thanks to the white steps contrast, shows a clear shot of how it climbs steps.

Escalera Stair Climbing Dolly in action. Courtesy of Luna's Moving

The accident heard around the piano moving world!

   This was a Bonsendorfer Concert Grand Piano was dropped and made headlines. The piano was damaged beyond repair.

 How did this happen?

   There were enough movers. The truck was big enough. The liftgate can easily lift 2 concert grands at the same time, the dolly is a piano moving dolly, the piano is on a professional piano board and wrapped/padded like it should be so where did things go wrong?

   The issue was the length of the piano on that liftgate. Technically speaking, it can be done, but not without high risk.

   With our moving system 1 mover can prep, tilt, load, transport, unload and set up a concert grand. However, we never send out just one piano mover. We always send two professional piano movers. If there are stairs involved or if it is a tricky situation, we will send out a bigger team. 

   We do not use liftgates, we do not use long, steep loading ramps. We use low profile loading ramps. It allows a single mover to slowly and gently roll the piano right up to it's location where it will be strapped and secured for transport

Piano Moving Diaster - Courtesy of Luna's Piano Movers
Piano Moving Diaster - Courtesy of Luna's Piano Movers
Piano Moving Diaster - Courtesy of Luna's Piano Movers
Piano Moving Diaster - Courtesy of Luna's Piano Movers
Piano Moving Diaster - Courtesy of Luna's Piano Movers
Piano Moving Diaster - Courtesy of Luna's Piano Movers
How to properly move a 9'2" Full Concert Grand

Our piano moving method greatly reduces risk of damage to your piano and injury to our movers.

   The piano accident shown above could have been avoided if the movers were better equipped. Check out this section of our website that shows us moving a 9'2" Concert Grand Player Piano. This piano weighed approximately 1400lbs. Many pieces of equipment were used on this piano move. Piano Board, Piano Board Stands, Piano Tilter, All Terrain Piano Dolly, 4ft Ramp, 10ft Ramp, low profile trailer and most importantly, experienced professional piano movers. Luna's Piano Moving & Storage offers top of the line piano moving services. 


   If you have a min, play the video below and view the step by step images that show how we properly move concert grand pianos.

Firs we inspect, then prep!

   First we check the piano for damage and take pictures. Once we have inspected the piano we use thick moving blankets. Luna's Piano Moving & Storage uses only the highest quality moving blankets tough enough to handle the heaviest and most delicate pianos. We use more blankets than most piano moving companies. Safety of our movers and delivering your piano without a scratch are our main priorities. 

   Our piano moving methods have improved over the years. Check out our entire website and view our piano moving equipment. You will not see other piano movers use them. Why? Either they don't know it exist or don't feel it's worth the cost. Sure it's expensive, but we have high standards!

Next we remove lyre/pedals and insert piano tilter

   Why is that yellow device? That device is a tool that we use to tilt the piano onto a piano board. It eliminates one of the most dangerous steps when moving a grand style piano. In order to lay the piano on a piano board, the left side needs to be lowered onto the piano board. Without this device, there is a risk that the piano might slip and the corner will slam onto the piano board. This causes the corner of the piano to crack. This happens all the time. A lot of the pianos that we move have this damage so we make sure to first check it out and inform the customer prior to moving it.

   The piano tilting device allows use to slowly tilt the piano with one person. In fact, if the piano board is not properly aligned, we can easily roll the piano back, adjust the piano board and roll the piano back onto the board.

Time to tilt onto the piano board and strap down

   Here we are shown using our tilter on a concert grand and a grand piano (3rd image). In the first 2 images, we show a 9'2" 1400lbs concert grand player piano being tilted onto our piano board. On this piano, we are setting this concert grand piano onto the all terrain dolly using our piano board blocks (the blocks with the blue rubber top). On the 3rd image we see a different technique. We set it down on a piano board that is not on a dolly or piano board stands. This piano was stored in the customers house and did not need to be moved using a dolly.

   As you can see, this device allows one man to handle large grand pianos with ease. 

Remove tilter, strap onto the all terrain piano dolly and roll it

   There were 4 steps going from the hallway down to the garage. When moving a piano that weighs close to 1400lbs, extreme care is needed. We take our time, access the situation and bring out every possible tool/piece of equipment in our arsenal. It is only because of how well prepared we come that we're able to do what most piano movers can't/won't do.

Bringing the piano down a fiberglass ramp

   There were 4 steps going from the hallway down to the garage. When moving a piano that weighs close to 1400lbs, extreme care is needed. We take our time, access the situation and bring out every possible tool/piece of equipment in our arsenal. It is only because of how well prepared we come that we're able to do what most piano movers can't/won't do.

Moving a concert grand piano down a 10ft fiberglass ramp. Luna's Piano Movers is a Los Angeles piano moving company.
Luna's Piano Movers pushing a concert grand piano down a ramp.
Luna's Piano Movers finish move the concert grand piano down the ramp. San Diego Piano Moving Company
Loaded, strapped and ready to head to the next location

   Once the piano made it down the loading ramp, it was wheeled over 40ft and into our vehicle. We secure all pianos properly. Sometimes it looks like padding on top of padding with more padding and that's because one of our top priorities is to deliver a piano in the exact same condition that it was prior to moving it. 

How to properly secure a grand piano onto a moving truck or trailer. Luna's Piano Movers
Moving multiple grand pianos on a trailer. Luna's Piano Movers

The "Front Heavy" vertical/upright pianos

   What is a "front heavy piano"? These pianos are the upright/vertical pianos that will tip over/forward if the two front legs are removed. If you take a minute to look at the dollies that we use when moving uprights, the front two legs hang off the sides and have no support. This is generally ok if the piano's weight is well balanced. However, some pianos that have front legs, especially those that do not have the bottom support bracket connecting the bottom of the piano legs to the piano, will lean forward and tip over when mounted onto a standard piano dolly and even the wider base furniture dolly.

   What we do is move these pianos in our extra wide base piano dolly. As you can see in the images below, this piano has been mounted on to our dolly and is being fully supported on all four corners. 

Types of pianos

(Excerpted from The Piano Book, Fourth Edition, by LARRY FINE)

Sizes and Types of Pianos

Vertical Pianos: Vertical piano types are classified according to a combination of piano height, cabinet styling, and size and position of action. This illustration shows how the height of the piano dictates the size and position of its action. First, the Upright Grand/Cabinet Grand Piano (52"-60") is the tallest and heaviest (some weigh 800lbs) of the vertical pianos The full-size Upright (48"–52") contains a full-size, extended direct-blow action. The Studio piano (44"–47") has a full-size, direct-blow action. The Console piano (40"–44") has a compressed action (notice the smaller action parts), direct-blow type. Last, the Spinet (36"–40") has a full-size, but indirect-blow action. See text for a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each action type. Most domestic vertical actions made in the past hundred years fall into these general categories, but foreign-made pianos may have action parts whose size falls in between two types, and occasional hybrid or unusual actions may defy classification.

Luna's Piano Movers - Digital Pano Measurements - Los Angeles Piano Movers - Los Angeles Piano Moving - Orange County Piano Movers - Orange County Piano Moving

Grand Pianos: Unlike vertical pianos, grand pianos differ primarily in their length, and not in the type, size, or position of their actions (except that longer grands generally have longer keys than do shorter grands). Size classification of grands is less standardized than that of verticals, but a common breakdown is: Baby Grand (4' 6"–5' 6"), Medium Grand (5' 6"–6' 6"), Large Grand (6' 6"–7' 6"), and Concert Grand (over 7' 6"). Historically, many other names have also been applied to grand-piano sizes, such as Petite Grand, Parlor Grand, and Living-Room Grand, but these have no technical or standardized meaning.

Luna's Piano Movers - 4ft7inch Petite Grand Diagram
Luna's Piano Movers - 5ft2inch baby grand - Piano Moving
Luna's Piano Moving - 6ft2inch grand piano - Luna's Piano Movers
Luna's Piano Movers - 7ftGrand Piano Measurement Chart -  Los Angeles Piano Movers - Los Angeles Piano Moving - Orange County Piano Movers - Orange County Piano Moving

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