Piano Loading or Unloading only?

Yes, we can provide our piano movers if you do not need our truck

   Do you need a piano loaded into your rental truck or trailer only? If you are moving out of town and only need to have your piano loaded, please read below. It will help you understand what is involved and needed when properly loading a piano.

Piano Loading/Outgoing Piano:

    If you are moving out of town or moving a piano into your own storage, you will only need piano prep and loading services. A piano, especially a baby grand, grand and concert grand must be prepped by piano moving professionals. Due to the weight and size of pianos, it is not recommended that you attempt to move one yourself. We not only know how to move them, we also know how to LOAD them onto trucks and especially trailers. Heavy items MUST be moved to the front of the trailer to prevent dangerous trailer swaying.

 Incoming Piano:

    Do you need a piano unloaded from your truck or into your storage? Much like loading only services, we recommend that you hire piano movers when dealing with pianos, especially if it is a baby grand/grand/concert grand. 

Baby Grands on trailers is possible:

    Upright pianos are easy enough since they are kept upright and are moved in one piece, but what about a grand or baby grand piano? Can it also be moved in a trailer or rental truck?

 The answer is yes. Sometimes a customer calls us to help them load a grand piano and all they have is either a pick up truck or a trailer. We have the equipment needed to load them into both. However, we recommend renting an enclosed truck over an open truck bed or trailer due to weather conditions. You do not want to be on the road when there's a decent chance of rain. If you are traveling long distance, you might face unexpected weather due to the different weather patters that some cities/states have.

What is needed to properly move a piano?

The items shown below are required to properly move a piano

What is the cost of the items listed above?

Don't worry, we provide an all inclusive price that is discounted when hiring our team.

1. Luna's Piano Movers: The cost depends on your piano type, stairs etc...

2. Upright Piano Loading: $75-$125 (labor only)

3. Baby Grand/Grand Piano Loading: $150-$250 (labor only)

4. Stretch Film: $10

5. Moving Blankets: $10-$15 each

6. Four Wheel Dolly: $50

7. Piano Board: $200-250 depending on the size of your piano.

8. Ratchet Straps Set: $5 each

To receive an all inclusive quote, give us a call. Since each move has different requirements, the price for each move will vary.

What is a "Piano Board" and do I need one?

You need a piano board if you are moving a grand piano. Vertical pianos do not require piano boards.

Luna's Piano Moving & Storage - Luna's Piano Board

   A piano board is used on baby grand and grand pianos. Since these are the pianos that are too wide to fit through doorways, the legs and lyre (pedals) must be removed. This means that the piano will be tilted on its side and placed on a Piano Board. A piano board acts as an added base/support to the piano. Although a grand pianos left side is meant to be leaned on, a piano board adds extra protection, added height and added padding. 

   Our piano boards are made in house. This means that our boards are solid enough to put our name behind them. Below the carpeted padding that you (see images below) is added foam padding to reduce shock during transport. Why is shock absorption important? To minimize the risk of needing severe tuning.

   A Piano Board is also known as a Piano Skid Board. This is because a piano board will be used as a skid when going up or down staircases. Since pianos are heavy, they are typically not lifted/carried up or down flights of stairs. Instead, the piano board is uses to slide pianos up/down staircases.

   As you can see on the image here, the lid sticks out about 1.5-3" (depending on the model). So, what will happen if you tilt it on it's side without a piano board? You guessed it... the lid will be placed under tremendous pressure due to the weight and suffer damage. In addition, the hinges that are holding the lid will bend and the screws that were holding the hinges will be bulled out. Once the screws are pulled, they will no longer re-grip properly. This means that the piano will require repair. You don't want to know how much that will cost. Piano technicians are not known for being "low priced".

   If you are moving out of town and just need us to load your baby grand/grand piano (NOTE: An upright does not require a piano board), you must have a piano board. You can buy them from places like New Haven Moving or buy them from us. We offer the convenience of delivering it to you and moving your piano at the same time. No need to drive and buy one yourself. It also might not fit in your car, they are pretty large and can't be folded. Ours are also stronger.

Luna's Piano Moving & Storage - Piano Corner and lid
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage - Piano placed on Luna's Piano Boards

   If you take a look at these images, you can clearly see that the piano board allows the piano to be placed on its side on special carpeted padding that comes with built in foam. The foam is also visible if you take a closer look.  As long as the pianos lid is outside of the board, no pressure will added to the lid and its hinges (the hinges cannot be seen on these images since they rest under and inside the lid) this means that your piano will be handled properly while being moved.

   When Luna's Piano Movers transports pianos, we also use shock absorbent dollies. The images used to display and inform our customers about piano boards showcase dollies that do not have shock absorption. This is because ALL pianos that are stored with us are transferred onto these carpeted dollies for storage. We reserve the heavy duty shock absorbing dollies for live action.

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