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Piano Donation & Removal Services

Give your pianos a 2nd life

Piano Donation

   Are you faced with the dilemma of parting with your cherished piano? Whether it's due to a relocation, downsizing, or a change in circumstances, letting go of a piano can be an emotional journey. At Luna's Piano Moving, we understand the deep connection you have with your piano and offer a compassionate solution through our Piano Donation service.

Why Choose Luna's Piano Moving for Piano Donation?

   Luna's Piano Moving aims to make the process of donating your piano as smooth and eco-friendly as possible. We understand that pianos, even when no longer needed, are often in good condition and deserve a second chance to bring joy to others.

1. Free or Affordable Pickup Services

   Our commitment to you begins with the convenience of our pickup services. If your piano is still in excellent condition and suitable for donation, we offer free pickup services. For pianos that require refurbishing or repair, a nominal fee may apply, based on factors like the piano's condition and the difficulty of access (stairs vs. ground level).

2. Complimentary 60-Day Piano Storage

   Luna's Piano Moving recognizes that finding a new home for your piano may take time. That's why we provide complimentary piano storage for up to 60 days. This allows you the flexibility you need while ensuring your piano remains safe and protected during the transition.

3. A Last Resort: Landfill as a Final Option

   While we make every effort to find new homes and purposes for pianos, there are instances where they may not be accepted for donation. In such cases, Luna's Piano Moving will treat the landfill as a last resort. We understand the sentimental value that pianos hold, and we do our best to explore every avenue for repurposing or donating them.

Determining the Fee: Stairs vs. Ground Level and Piano Condition

   The cost associated with our Piano Donation service depends on two key factors: the level of difficulty in accessing the piano's location and the piano's condition.

  • Stairs vs. Ground Level: Moving a piano up or down stairs can be a challenging task, often requiring additional care and manpower. As such, fees may increase for pianos located on upper floors with no elevator access.

  • Piano Condition: If your piano is in excellent condition and suitable for donation, we typically provide free pickup services. For pianos in need of refurbishing or repairs, we determine a reasonable fee based on the required work.

How to Get Started: Request a Quote

   Ready to provide your piano with a new life, and another music enthusiast with the chance to enjoy it as you have? Reach out to Luna's Piano Moving today. We're dedicated to simplifying the donation process for you. To begin, submit a quote through our website, and we'll promptly assess your piano's condition, providing you with the best possible solution.

   By choosing Luna's Piano Moving for your Piano Donation needs, you're not just parting with an instrument; you're sharing the gift of music with someone who will cherish it. Contact us today to discuss your piano donation options and embark on a journey to find a loving new home for your piano.

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