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Piano Loading or Unloading only?

Yes, we can provide our piano movers if you do not need our truck

   Do you need a piano loaded into your rental truck only? If you are moving out of town and only need to have your piano loaded, please read below. It will help you understand what is involved and needed when properly loading a piano.

Piano Loading/Outgoing Piano:

    If you are moving out of town or moving a piano into your own storage, you will only need piano prep and loading services. A piano, especially a baby grand, grand and concert grand must be prepped by piano moving professionals. Due to the weight and size of pianos, it is not recommended that you attempt to move one yourself. 

 Incoming Piano:

    Do you need a piano unloaded from your truck or into your storage? Much like loading only services, we recommend that you hire piano movers when dealing with pianos, especially if it is a baby grand/grand/concert grand. 

What is needed to properly move a piano?

The items shown below are required to properly move a piano

Piano Movers
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage
Professional Mover
Piano Moving Truck
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage Piano Delivery Truck
Floor Protection
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

Floor Protection
Piano Board
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

Piano Boards built by Luna's
Thick Moving Blanket
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

Thick Moving Blanket
Stretch Film
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

Stretch Film is needed to wrap pianos tight.
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage Dolly
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

Four wheel dolly
HD Straps (Heavy Duty)
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

Ratchet set straps
Upright Piano Ready for Moving
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage Upright Piano Wrapped & Prepped
Grand Piano Prepped & Ready to move
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

9'2" Concert Grand Wrapped & Prepped
Ramp or Lift Gate
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

Truck Loading Ramp
Payment Options
Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

Payment Method
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Whats the cost of the items listed above?

Don't worry, we provide an all inclusive price that is discounted when hiring our team.

1. Luna's Piano Movers: The cost depends on your piano type, stairs etc...

2. Upright Piano Loading: $75-$125 (labor only)

3. Baby Grand/Grand Piano Loading: $150-$250 (labor only)

4. Stretch Film: $10

5. Moving Blankets: $10-$15 each

6. Four Wheel Dolly: $50

7. Piano Board: $200-250 depending on the size of your piano.

8. Ratchet Straps Set: $5 each

To receive an all inclusive quote, give us a call. Since each move has different requirements, the price for each move will vary.

Stretch Film

Luna's Piano Moving & Storage Stretch Film is needed to wrap pianos tight.